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Her closed up heart
Shut so tight
Lost in the dark

Her half closed eyes
Crying invisible tears
Rolling down her pale white flesh

Her arms painfully sore
All covered in blood
She lays there not making a sound

Her half closed eyes
May not cry
But that doesn't mean she is not shedding any tears

Her legs shake
As she tries to stand
And tries to walk

In her half closed eyes
You can see everything that is wrong
Everything that has been

Her legs give way
She hits the ground
And she doesn't scream out

She stays quiet
Not asking for help
As she continues to cry her invisible tears

Her half closed eyes
Still cry inside
Still pain her mind

Those half closed eyes
Cry without you seeing
Invisible tears is what rolls down her face

Secret invisible tears
Ones no one else can see
She wishes she were strong enough
To admit defeat
candaybear Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
i love this on x :)
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